• Learning French ‘On the Fly’

    There are many ways to learn a language. It can be a strictly academic pursuit involving years in school studying verb conjugations; it can involve a combination of years of study followed by a stint abroad; or, without any formal […]

  • May in Montpellier: The “Joys” of the Slow Life

    What do you think of when you hear the phrase ‘living the slow life’? If you are from the US, you may have a number of reactions, from ‘Yes, please!’ to ‘That sounds pretty boring!’ to ‘I can’t even slow […]

  • April in Montpellier: The Cactus, the Plague, and the Dumpster Fire

    I’m still behind on my blog, but I’ll start off with a recent Nate-story related to a health scare I experienced a few days ago since it fits in with the subject matter of this post. I don’t have anything […]

  • March in Montpellier: The Epic Adventure

    I was really on top of blogging our adventures in January and February. And then I kind of fell off the blogging wagon until publishing this post last week. When I recently shared our blog with a friend and sheepishly […]

  • Getting around Montpellier ‘sans voiture’ (without a car)

    Bonjour, mes amis! It’s been too long. Last you heard from me, I was struggling with the French language so much so that I was told that I ‘speak French like Donald Trump’. Guessing that is a put-down! We’re now […]

What’s Eating at Nate’s Butter: Amusing Our Mouths Through the Emerging Montpellier Culinary Scene

There is nothing special about my taste buds. I have – I don’t know, a normal amount of them? When I’m swirling wine around my mouth to determine what hints and aromas exist, I invariably taste chocolate, strawberries, and/or butter […]

Elfing Our Way Through the Greatest City in the World: A Perfect Weekend for New York City Novices

And you know the one word that comes to mind when I think of this city: panache.  So many countries and so many people are just trying to get by; New York City not only gets by, it does it with flair.