On our 12th year of marriage

My true love said to me…Let’s sell our house and travel to Europe! Well, it didn’t really happen quite like that. Through some upcoming posts I hope to give you a picture of who we are and why we did indeed pursue some significant changes at this stage in our lives.

First, about the blog. Our primary short-term goal is to communicate with friends, family, and others throughout the trip and share stories from the cool places we are going. To that end I’d like to make posts as interactive as possible – so please add comments, questions, suggestions, etc. when moved to do so. A secondary and perhaps longer-term goal is help inspire others to examine how well life decisions and choices are aligning with the inner-self (well, that sounded a little self-helpy). In future posts I’ll outline a little more about how this has manifested in our lives, but for now I’ll just say that this entire European adventure is simply a step in an overall purposeful re-orientation of our life choices to align with our dreams and priorities.

Most of you that are starting with the blog know us very well, but in case you haven’t met us here is the Twitterized version of who we are:

@NateJoy: 38 yrs old, works at Slalom Consulting, lives in Seattle-area, large forehead, loves hiking, hates olives, and attempts yoga. Primary blog author #sorry. #Natestories are coming.

@TerraJoy: Younger than Nate, runs her own awesome accounting business!  Tricked into marrying @NateJoy. Beautiful, normal-sized forehead, loves dancing, hates gluten, attempts hiking. Both excited for and frightened of future #Natestories

Okay I don’t have a Twitter account, so if I exceeded the 140 character limit, I’m sorry – but in fairness that’s why I did a blog. I will promise you, the reader, not to certain words on this blog, such as “Twitterverse”. I have principles, people. (Warning: Hashtags are hilarious to me so I might use them in gratuitous and unnecessary spots.)  #consideryourselfwarned